The Promise Of Diamond Promise Rings

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Traditionally, a promise ring was given to seal a promise of any kind between two people. Sort of a contract by ring deal.

Promise rings have been around for centuries, but diamond promise rings are mere infants in comparison, reaching the masses only in the last half of the twentieth century when technology made diamonds more easily available – and less expensive.

In more modern times, however, a diamond promise ring morphed into a pre-engagement ring. In other words, it’s the step before taking the BIG step of becoming engaged.

Diamond promise rings are especially popular with the younger set as expressions of love. Teens, in particular, love the idea of being engaged to be engaged.

And in recent years diamond promise rings have become a great way for the commitment-phobic to sort of, well, work his way up to actually making the commitment to get engaged – and eventually married.

Diamond promise rings aren’t just for lovers, though. The symbolism of making a promise and having a promise ring to wear as a constant reminder is a great way for friends to show their loyalty. And to show that they will always be there for each other.

This was an extremely popular trend in the United States during WWII when emotions ran high. Many mothers and grandmothers have handed down promise rings and diamond promise rings they received during that era to their daughters and granddaughters. The story these promise rings and diamond promise rings carry are priceless.

If you like the idea of giving someone a diamond promise ring, then you’re in luck. Today there are all sorts of beautiful designs for you to choose from. The diamonds in a diamond promise ring tend to be small, and that makes them very affordable.

You can get diamond promise rings in all sorts of metals, from gold to platinum. And you can find them easily online or at your local jewelers. Our favorite online jeweler,, have a luscious range of diamond promise rings at prices everybody can afford.

Promise rings and diamond promise rings are great way for people to express their love, loyalty, and devotion – and for some, to show their commitment to become committed, well, someday.