Man Made Diamond Grading Report

man made diamonds

A man made diamond grading report from a reliable laboratory is always a good thing to have along with your man made diamond. Why? Well, it helps establish the identity and the qualities of your man made diamond.

If I had a group of 100 round brilliant cut man made diamonds of nearly identical size and qualities but I had just one diamond grading report for just one of the man made diamonds, I should be able to match up the diamond to its man made diamond grading report.

A man made diamond grading report will serve the same purpose as a “regular” diamond grading report but it has been slightly modified…. it will still have the measurements and the proportions of the man made diamond, it will have a plotting diagram, polish and symmetry grades, and information on fluorescence… so it will not be too different than a regular diamond grading report.

How is a man made diamond grading report different?

Man made diamond grading reports are issued by different well known gemological laboratories, but not all the labs issue reports. The labs will use slightly different titles for the man made diamond grading reports that they issue.

GIA calls their report- a synthetic diamond grading report and EGL (USA) uses the term laboratory-grown diamond grading report.

EGL does not use the term synthetic diamond and both EGL and GIA do not use the term cultured diamonds because it is felt that these terms are not sufficiently informative and could lead to consumer confusion.

IGI currently is the largest player in the man made diamonds market. Here’s an example of a man made diamond review by a consumer advocate who published his entire process of shopping for one.

The gem labs will make their man made diamond grading report look obviously different than their regular diamond grading report…. as you can see by the sample man made diamond grading report there is a large area with a yellow background color and across the top its states that it is a synthetic diamond grading report.

synthetic diamond review

The Diamond Clarity and Diamond Color grading has been a bit simplified in comparison to how a natural diamond is graded. Normally a diamond has 11 different Diamond Clarity grades, from FL (Flawless) to I3 (Included, Group 3).

On a man made diamond grading report it will be distilled down to just 5 Diamond Clarity grades-

Flawless/Internally Flawless
Very Very Slightly Included
Very Slightly Included
Slightly Included

The Diamond Color grading system gia-syn-add-info consists of the 23 grades from D to Z and after that you enter the world of Fancy Color Diamonds.

On a man made diamond grading report it will be distilled down to just 5 Diamond Color grades-

Near Colorless
Very Light

If the man made diamond is a color other than yellow it will fall into the category of a Fancy Color diamond and there is a separate way to describe the color. The description of the color will be the same if the diamond is a natural or a man made diamond.

The gem labs will put a laser inscription on the girdle of the man made diamond. This inscription could be the number of the man made diamond grading report.

In all cases it will be a note stating that the diamond is a lab grown diamond, the exact wording will vary according to the lab.

The gem labs will be able to offer different services… for example, to check if a mounted diamond (a diamond set into a ring, pendant, etc.) is a natural diamond or a man made diamond… or in the case of a Fancy Color diamond, determining if its color is natural or has it been altered in some manner.