About Us – What Danbert Jewellery represents

man in glassesDanbert Jewellery was created in 2010 in order to provide fine luxury jewellery with true ethical roots. Danbert spent over a year researching the very best way to bring fine ethical jewellery to the UK and are delighted to offer their collection to the public.

Danbert creates classic ethical diamond engagement rings, 18ct gold or platinum wedding rings, diamond earrings and diamond pendants with all the provenance and credentials we could find. We make our fine jewellery in 18ct Fairtrade gold as well as recycled gold or recycled platinum. Learn more about our ethical jewellery here.

Danbert’s passion for jewellery, service & Danbert Jewellery’s standards reflect in every part of the business. You can buy our jewellery direct from us here or you can visit one of our agents. Feel free to contact us for more information.

“I first began to be interested in the ethical supply side of the jewellery when I read an article in a trade magazine about the supply chain for diamonds. Peter and I first sat down together in March 2010 and began shaping a vision for something quite simple: the very best quality jewellery designed to be worn and enjoyed with true ethical sourcing.

We’re not about lecturing people about what they should or shouldn’t do. We want our customers to understand what they’re buying, understand their choices and enjoy making an informed decision about jewellery that will be with them, for what we hope, is a lifetime.”

Danbert, Founder

The Danbert Promise

All products come with a Danbert Promise. This is a unique document for each and every piece of jewellery we make. It contains the serial number for diamonds or other gemstones where available and a written guarantee of ethical provenance.

Our Accreditations

We take our responsibility very seriously and as such we are accredited with the UK’s National Association of Goldsmiths and the global No Dirty Gold Campaign.